Thursday, 22 May 2014

Small White Wave

Pick of the bunch of new moths for the year in this recent warm spell, but not easy to get a photo as it was pale, was this Small White Wave. Needed a little bit of Levels adjustment in Photoshop to bring out the cross lines.
Small White Wave - NFG 20th May 2014

Also of interest to me at least:
 Toadflax Brocade - one in 2010, three in 2013, first for 2014 on 22nd May (established now I guess)

 Light Brocade - two in 2011, now four so far in 2014

 (un)-Broken-barred Carpet - average two each year but this is the first I have had with out a break in the central stripe

Pale Tussock - such hairy legs !!