Sunday 16 April 2017

Bless me for Easter

First newbie of 2017 - A Tissue on 14th April

Sunday 16 October 2016

Summer 2016 newbies

Seem to get newbies in patches, had to good periods with newbies on three days in a row from 17th to 19th July, then five in six days on immediate return from holidays.

 Dark Spinach = new on 18th July

 probable Brown Scallop = new on 17th July (still in the recorders freezer for confirmation)

Suspected = new on 19th July

Black Arches = new on 22nd August

 Jersey Tiger = new on 25th August

 Latticed Heath = new on 23rd August

Lesser-spotted Pinion = new on 22nd August

Six-striped Rustic = new on 27th August

Saturday 23 July 2016

June 16 catch-up

Not content with finally getting Lime Hawkmoth, a few days later I got the other missing "hawk" that has shunned my garden trap for six years. Also new was Flame Carpet, though unfortunately a partly worn individual.
Pine Hawkmoth - new for garden - 20th June

Flame Carpet - new for garden 21st June

A few moths that I get every year but not particularly commonly were also noted

 Broken-barred Carpet - most of mine have a proper break - 22nd June

 Grass Rivlet - blown across from the chalk hillside - 9th June

 Pale Tussock - a female for a change - 7th June


White Ermine - 15th June

White-spotted Pug

Monday 13 June 2016

early June quality

The numbers of moths are certainly down this year and the diversity of species is struggling to reach expectations but a few gems have been trapped. First for garden records are always welcome, particularly as this is now my seventh summer season of trapping. Pride of place of course to Lime Hawkmoth just because of its looks... but two other new species and a couple of other species not recorded since my first June in 2010 were good to get.

 Lime Hawkmoth - first for garden 12th June

Clouded-bordered Brindle - first for garden 3rd June

Pale Oak Beauty - first for garden 11th June

 Brown Silver-line - 26th May (previous record 6th June 2010 - five days into my list!)
Coxcomb Prominent - 3rd June (previous record 8th July 2010)

Argyresthia culvella - 10th June

Diamond-backed Moth (Plutella xylostella) - between 10 and 20 most nights with others around the garden but a whopping 126 caught on 7th June was the maximum in the trap

Monday 9 May 2016

First newbie of 2016

After a cold and quiet month of April with the only excitement being singles of Twin-Spotted Quaker, Powdered Quaker, Early Thorn and Oak Beauty, some warmer weather has thankfully arrived.
First goodie for the year out of the trap is Lunar Marbled Brown, which goes straight on the list as species 304.
 Lunar Marbled Brown, new for garden 8th May

Waved Umber, three individuals lightened up the 7th May

Sunday 20 December 2015

Scarce Bordered Straw - early Christmas pressie

A nice surprise this morning in the trap and a garden first. This Scarce Bordered Straw was alone in the egg boxes other than a Light Brown Apple Moth. Seems that it's all happening this "winter"

Scarce Bordered Straw - Garden First 19th December

Saturday 7 November 2015

Late Autumn goodies - Palpita vitrealis

With the warm season extending into November, I have continued to put the trap out in the hope of a goodie to finish the year and have been rewarded with a new and rare micro and a smart new macro.

 Palpita vitrealis - Olive -tree Pearl. New for garden 5th November (3rd for Beds VC30)

 Mottled Umber - new for garden 28th October

Brick (on brick) - don't usually get these but seems to have been a good year for them

 Brown-spot Pinion - do usually get these but seems to have been a bad year for them

 \Grey Shoulder-knot - an autumn record here is my first as all previous records have been in spring

Red-green Carpet - a common moth here and a nice fresh bright example