Saturday, 26 February 2011

Winter finally over ?

The three months of November through January were very quiet for Wychwood Moths. The trap was out on many nights that promised temperatures above 3 degrees and little or no precipitation but very few individuals were attracted. Early November had a few remnants from autumn and just two new ones for the year in Satellite and Dark Chestnut but after the first week there were very few catches.
December was even quieter, just two moths trapped and both on the same warm night between Christmas and New Year, this being my first winter though they were still both new to me.
January just the one Early moth added to the tally. Thankfully, the second part of February has begun to show better results, more of that later.


Winter Moth

December Moth (29th Dec) - nice hairy beast
Early Moth (the only trap in January - 19th)