Monday, 30 June 2014

Some June variety

Though it seems so sometimes, the second half of the month has not been only about common and sometimes difficult brown noctuids. The number of the "gentler" moths has however been relatively disappointing in the last couple of weeks. Here are some pics tough of some that have caught my attention including a New for Garden species that was always on the possibles list.
 Scorched Wing - new for garden on 24th June 2014

 Puss Moth - great to get these impressive beasts - three garden records

 Buff-tip tip

 Shark - get a couple of these most years

 Burnished Brass

 Shears - been a good year for these in my garden

 Miller - always a favourite

Common Swift - scarce for me, just a few each year

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Some mid-June comparisons

For much of mid-June, I have been getting and increasing number of the common brown noctuids and in comparison a lower number of the other families. With this comes the challenge of identifying some individuals that just do not fit the pattern of the book pictures, Included here are a few pairs and comparisons

 Two Broom moths, one showing all the features, the other just the creamy blob

Reddish Light Arches and Light Arches - both equally common in Luton on the chalk soils at this time of year

Presumed Dusky Brocade with some tawny colouration which had me thinking of Small Clouded Brindle
 Greyish looking presumed Large Nutmeg (based on shape), most of mine are fawn/beige

 A Dusky Brocade that (unusually) actually looks like one of the pics in the book

 Clouded Brindle (all the features and well marked)

Presumed Clouded Brindle. Had thoughts of Clouded-bordered Brindle which it closely resembles but I think the visibility of the fine black cross-line in the middle of the rear of the wing gives it away

And how about this Ingrailed Clay which  the same species as the individual in the previous post with the black triangle and square markings. It's the tiny arrowheads on the end of the wings that matters, none of the rest of the colouration is relevant !? Good job moths work on smells not sight in choosing a partner

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A bigger wave

Looks like I am getting new moths for the gardens in pairs, firstly the two "pinions" and then to follow last weeks Small White Wave, a NFG Common Wave on 2nd June 2014. Not trapped this species before in the garden though had quite a few of the related Common White Wave. Also a selection of other more interesting pics from the last week including a potential further NFG in Small Clouded Brindle that needs more critical exam.
 Common Wave - NFG 2nd June - not a lot of markings to go on !

 Potential dark variant Small Clouded Brindle 2nd June 2014

 Ingrailed Clay

 Small Square-Spot - was a garden tick in 2013 so a rare catch for me

Comparison pair - Marbled Coronet (top) and Varied Coronet (bottom).
Former much rarer than latter and note the large pale markings near the wing tips