The Wychwood Avenue trap and surrounds

On this page I have included a few views of the environment around the Wychwood Moths garden trap giving an idea of the variety and extent of vegetation. 
Grid reference TL091235.
Looking straight down the garden from the deck is westwards towards the River Lea and the A6. Trees in the garden include four 75 year old apples and an elderberry. Surrounding gardens include a mixture of deciduous and ornamental coniferous trees, with some cherry, ash and birch. The riverbank within 400m has a number of very mature willows. Garden shrubs include buddliea, lilac and borders include plants such as lavender, marjoram that are attractive to bees during the day so presumably moths during the night. In the wilder bottom of the garden a few "weeds" are being cultivated/protected including some token bramble etc. There are also three mature honeysuckle plants on the fences. A natural pond of 2m x 3m approximately sits in the back corner.
The trap is usually set on the lawn near to the current position of the swing-ball. I am using a ratface special twin 15w actinic/UV skinner as described at:

Looking south along the line of gardens towards the top end of Wardown Park

Looking north up the line of gardens

Position and setup of the trap when there is overnight rain forecast. Like a sort of "moth bower" stuck in the corner it stays in position with a bit of breeze unlike setting the umbrella standalone.