Saturday, 5 September 2015

August roundup - on the brink

A subdued month vs expectation in which trapping was partly restricted by holidays away. One new for the garden takes me to 299 macros so hoping for something special for the headliner 300th.

Lesser Swallow Prominent - new for garden 24th August - rather worn and found sitting in wet grass next to the trap

 Orange Swift - brown female, mostly I get small orange examples of this species and this was huge

 Small Ranunculus - not established around here yet - this is only the third one that I have caught

Yellow-barred Brindle - fresh and green

 Garden Dart - six in five years of this scarce species, always to manage to get one for the year list

Knot Grass - another scarcer one for me, usually just one each year

Herald - third garden record