Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Late May roundup and a late NFG

Things beginning to pick up with the warm spell from mid-May though still well behind last year in species variety and numbers for the equivalent period. Finally picked up a Powdered Quaker as new for the garden at the end of their season just as I thought it might have slipped past me for the second year on the trot. 

Powdered Quaker - new for garden 27th May

Scalloped Hazel - showing the close relationship with the thorns

Nut-tree Tussock - inside the pub umbrella on my deck

Scorched Carpet - I get a handful of these each year, trapped in all months May to August

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Carpets start the revival

After an April of cold, wind and rain when Wychwood Moths went into virtual hibernation, things started to pick up this week with a selection of NFY moths, low numbers still and surprising few noctuids so far but seven different Carpets this week. (A late and pale Streamer, Silver-ground, Common, Garden, Spruce, Scorched and Red Twin-spot).
Also added in the last few days were first Common Pugs and Peppered Moth.
Of note on 20th May was a Rustic (previous earliest 22nd June) sharing an egg box with an Early Grey (previous latest 22nd April)

Silver-ground Carpet 

Common Carpet

Spruce Carpet 

Red Twin-spot Carpet

The Rustic (rather early) on 20th May