Monday, 24 October 2011

A few degrees warmer - a few more moths

After a couple of zero catches during the almost freezing and very windy periods, the warmer evenings of the 21/22 October were welcome to keep the garden year list ticking along. A nice selection of October species trapped including a proper migrant and a garden first November moth agg.

Dark Sword-grass - first for year 22/10. A garden third as I had two last year in August and October

Feathered Thorn - new for year 21/10

November Moth agg. - garden first 21/10

Green-brindled Crescent - first for year 21/10

Juniper Carpet - three different individuals (one on 21st and two additional on 22/10)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

mid-October update

Not too much happening at Wychwood Moths with a spell of windy weather, a weekend away and then a switch to clear moonlit cold nights so only single figure counts on the nights that I have trapped in the last week or so. One new for the garden though which filled a gap in the list that I was surprised to still have coming to the end of my second autumn of trapping. Had I been overlooking any of these before ? Maybe not as this was distinctive enough, and I have had only the one so far.

Beaded Chestnut - new for garden Oct 4th

Blair's Shoulder-knot - a regular October catch here. 15 last year, but only three so far in 2011

Common Marbled Carpet - nice to get a white marbled individual. Well over 100 of these caught here, but majority are dark and the nearly all the others are the "orange-panelled" form

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Early Oct - last years repeats

Quietening down at Wychwood Moths, with average catches this week of just 19 moths of 11 species per night. Still potential for some new species for the garden for a while yet I guess, but this week just a couple of second time around moths both repeating last years trappings.

Brown-spot Pinion - 3rd Oct 2011, previously caught once on 8th Oct 2010

Red-green Carpet - 1st Oct 2011, previously caught once on 7th Oct 2010