Monday, 30 September 2013

The feature is Orange

Since the start of my mothing, I have always enjoyed the switch to autumn and the arrival of moths of the autumn leaf colour rather than brown mud colour and this year the offering has included a welcome selection as we passed the middle of September including some newbies for the garden.

 Barred Sallow (orange form) - 22nd Sept. Day after garden first when trapped two of the normal form

 Beaded Chestnut - found lurking amongst many of the oranger forms of Lunar Underwing

 Dusky Thorn - NFG 24th September

 Frosted Orange - NFG 20th September

Orange Sallow - two trapped this year, 26th August and 21st September, previous 25/9/11

Tawny-speckled Pug - this one 12th September, average three a year in the garden

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Micro interlude - a new species for VC30

I don't "do" micro-moths in the true sense of the word but I have a list of micros which includes a number of photos that have been built up over last couple of years to assess presence in the garden of those that are distinctive enough to be recognisable without a posthumous examination of the nether regions. Once I identified this one though I knew it was significant so will use it to open my account on micros on this blog.

1409a Diaphania perspectalis - Luton 30th August 2013, first for Bedfordshire
With a wingspan close to 40mm this was larger than many macro-moths in the trap

From VC30 Micromoth recorder, David Manning: This is a species first recorded in UK in 2008. It is a pest of Buxus (Box) and is presumed to have arrived via the horticultural trade [from Asia]. Recorded to date in eight counties, the most northerly being Herts, Bucks and Glos.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Two brown newbies to end the summer

The end of August and into September was as expected full of brown moths with limited colour (other than on the underwings) to bring some variety. Two NFG's for me however, one that has been scarce the last few years in this area, and one that is listed as a rare resident.

 Small Square-spot, NFG 29th August, and recorded also 3rd Sept

Hedge Rustic, NFG 30th August - a different darker individual trapped on 3rd Sept

Also of interest, to me at least:

 Orange Swift variant

Tawny-barred Angle - second garden record, previous June 2010

 Feathered Gothic

 Square-spotted Clay - three moths caught on one night (29th Aug) one previous record 11th Sept 2010

Buff Footman 3rd Sept - one previous record July 26th 2010