Thursday, 23 August 2012

Two new in two minutes

Two new for the garden out of two consecutive egg boxes this morning. One that has been caught by most of the active trappers locally now though still nationally rare, the other a partial fill for the prominent gap recently posted.
Small Ranunculus - new for garden 22nd August

Pale Prominent - new for garden 22nd August

Tawny Speckled Pug - not very many of these trapped here, either that or they are so battered that the tawny is not visible and they go in the pug sp box (four in 2010, all in August, but none in 2011, when I was away for most of August). Not illustrated on the blog previously

Wormwood Pug - just a couple a year of these. Not illustrated on the blog previously

Orange Swift - another one that was surprisingly not caught at all in 2011 maybe as I missed the main flight period

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Prominent gap

There is a section in the middle of the Beds macro moth list of seven species called "prominent", all listed as common and widespread in VC30. This is a prominent gap as far as Wychwood Moths is concerned with only three individuals ever caught from this group in the first two years. These were two Maples and a Coxcomb leaving five of the seven available species still waiting to arrive. A fourth "prom" individual was most welcome this week but I was a little disappointed that it was a third Maple, still a nice species to look at.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

July / August changeover

Steady mothing over the last couple of weeks rather than anything over exciting but certainly better than early summer. Another new for garden from the list of uncommon and local species in the county.

 White Satin - first for garden on August 1st

Buff Arches - always get a handful of these each year and had a max on one night of three last year including one in the bedroom

Nut Tree Tussock - these arrive in two generations with records in April / May and July / August

Cloaked Minor - don't get many of these , average just two per year so far

Common Emerald - average three per year and usually they are battered so good to get one without chunks out of its wings