Friday, 30 August 2013

First part of August

Well one night of trapping in early August actually prior to decamping to Florida for three and a bit weeks, but carrying on where July finished, there were remarkably two more New For Garden species to add to the list as well as a quality migrant

 Rosy Minor - new for garden, 1st August 2013

Brown-line Bright-Eye - new for garden 1st August 2013
An expected addition but not actually found in the garden, rather in the curtains upstairs just as I was closing the windows prior to getting in the car to drive to Heathrow.

Also trapped over the last week before holidays and of interest were:

A female Gem 1st August - previously recorded in the garden (also a female) on 8th November 2011

Garden Dart - third record after two in July 2011

and two thorns, noting the positions in which the wings are held at rest

 Early Thorn - wings closed like a butterfly

Purple Thorn - wings open and raised

and finally, I always like these for a bit of colour

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Heralding the end of a great July

The last calendar month has been excellent with a total of 16 new for garden macro species in what is my fourth summer of trapping. It would be rude not to exhibit these NFG here. At some point maybe there will be a chance to catch up the good ones that weren't new but worth looking at, maybe for the next post...

Herald - new for garden 31st July

 Double-lobed - new for garden 30th July

Peach Blossom - new for garden 29th July

 Slender Brindle - new for garden 26th July

Grey Arches - new for garden 26th July