Saturday, 18 October 2014

October selection

All the usuals have now appeared, just waiting for the surprises. My birthday next week so who knows...
Buff Footman - two months late on 14th October !

Barred Sallow and Sallow

Pink-barred Sallow

Orange Sallow - just the one so far this year and past its prime

Beaded Chestnut

Deep-brown Dart - scarce one for me

Blair's Shoulder-knot - get lots of these though

 Large Ranunculus - also rather common with multiples on a good night

 Red-green Carpet - another regular visitor to the trap or the neighbouring shed door

 Red-line Quaker - commoner of the two autumn quakers

Vapourer male - third this year, all this month, the other two were caught in cobwebs not far from the scene in the next picture

Vapourer female and nest under the shed roof overhang