Wednesday, 18 March 2015

mid-March update - Red Chestnut NFG

Red Chestnut - Not the most uncommon moth in the county but my first newbie of the year. Otherwise pretty slow with cold nights and infrequent trapping; been working through micro photos though so a good update and first publish of the list from last year soon, and no doubt the odd one appearing on this blog, including my first notable of the year below.

 Red Chestnut - new for garden 12th March

 Acleris cristana - 12th March

Chestnut - do not get many of these surprisingly, was not on the list for 2014 at all. This one from 9th March

Oak Beauty - one of my early spring favourites, 7th March

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Turn of the year

Two from late November (Feathered Thorn and December Moth) proved to be my last new species for the year, surprisingly only one of each of these and a few blank nights into December. Started 2015 with a pale Dotted Border, then the next two moths were the same species, one much darker and one in three individuals of a species I did not get in 2013 of 2014, now just waiting more variety.

 Dotted Border, darkest of three individuals at the end Feb, early March

 December Moth - nice one to finish the year

Feathered Thorn - this one really coloured almost like a Barred Red