Saturday, 27 July 2013

Three Top Ticks

Not sure where to start with last week's headlines as there were three top drawer garden ticks to choose from so I have gone for the one species that no local blogger has already publicised. All three species very notable records for VC30 and continuing a purple patch for the garden

Barred Hook-tip - NFG 23rd July 2013 = first for VC30 since 2009

Tree-lichen Beauty - NFG 25th July 2013 = fourth record for VC30 ?

Royal Mantle - NFG 24th July 2013 = ninth record for VC30 ? and the second time illustrated on this blog after one found in daytime on Galley Hill on 7th June 2011

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Good spell continues

With hot dry days and warm dry nights, mothing continues to be good for all and my own personal garden list moves along smoothly though the 250 barrier at last.

 Ghost Moth, female - NFG 19th July began laying eggs during the photo session

 Purple Bar - NFG 17th July had seen better days

 Marbled White Spot - previously recorded here only on 22nd June 2010 so a good "year tick"

 Beautiful Golden Y - 2nd for Garden after first on 18th June this year

Short-cloaked Moth - 3rd record for garden, previously one each in July 2010 and July 2011

Beautiful Hook-tip - first garden record since July 2010

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hotting up

The last few days have been hard work with the trap brimming full of over 200 macros of over 40 species, uncountable micros (though distinctive ones captured for later ID from photo) and the inevitable New For Garden moth or two that a top spell of mothing weather produces. Three from earlier this week illustrated along with a bonus "arty" shot

 Bordered Sallow - NFG 16th July, only 20 or so records in VC30 and first since 2010?

 Gothic - NFG 15th July

Blackneck - NFG 15th July, second different individual 16th July

White Satin - second for garden , 15th July

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Broom - not the Gravel Pit

Some moths are on the radar as gaps in the garden list, specifically those that your pals are getting locally right now or at least appear on their lists regularly. There are others that are somewhat forgotten, so when this one appeared in my trap I initially had no idea at all what it was. Obviously not common around these parts.
Broom Moth - NFG 5th July, nice gold and reddish tones along with the distinctive cream line.

A couple of other of the highlights from the same night:
 Blue-bordered Carpet, did not appear here in 2012, I do like this small species

Green Silver-lines, common enough here but I do like a bit of colour !

Freyer's Pug, average two of these each year

Buff Arches, again regular here but always fascinated with the "waxy" finish and intricate markings

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Always nice to get multiple hawks... June 29th obliged