Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tawny Pinion leads the April listings

A second garden tick for the year and closely related but much rarer than the first (Pale Pinion), this Tawny Pinio was a real surprise on an otherwise quiet night in the trap. To my knowledge, only three other's caught in VC30 since 2006, all from the Matt's efforts at Upper Caldecotte.

 Tawny Pinion, 24th April

Other recent more interesting species trapped include:
 Streamer - one of my favourites in the spring due to its purple tones, a handful trapped every year

 Herald - first spring record, previous only in July 2013

Powdered Quaker - a couple every year, usually appearing after the other quakers have started to diminish in numbers

Muslin Moth

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pale Pinion - A first to start April

First day of the month and a new for the garden, otherwise predominantly Orthosias trapped at the moment as per the expectations of the season.

Pale Pinion - new for garden April 1st

A few others trapped in the last few days of warmer weather of more interest to me at least:
 Twin-spotted Quaker - only a couple of these per year normally

 March Moth - in March of course

 Satellite - surprisingly uncommon in my garden - only four records, two in March, two in November

 Oak Beauty - always nice to see

Grey Shoulder-Knot - three records no for the garden, all in month of March