Monday, 22 September 2014

mid-September mix

As we get to the last week of September, Lunar Underwing has taken over number one spot from Large Yellow Underwing, and individuals of many of the autumn species have now appeared: Centre-barred Sallow, Deep-brown Dart, Large Ranunculus, Black Rustic, Brown-spotted Pinion, Beaded Chestnut and Green-brindled Crescent all on the year list. Before the earlier species go, I thought I'd catch up with a couple of photos from second and third weeks of the month.

Bloodvein - second for garden, first June 2010, get plenty of Small BV but this is a good one here.

Chinese Character - still think these are strange and certainly unique

Oak Hook-tip - three males in the trap on one night

Red Underwing - a couple on average each year

Small Ranunculus - unlike some parts of the county this species is rare here, second garden record only
Copper Underwing agg found deceased in the trap - that'll be a Svenssons then

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Collecting Points

Great to see my favoured Coventry City back at their rightful home and taking three points this week.
I had a Point of my own as well with this garden first; seems to have been a good year for them with records I am aware of also from Biggleswade and Sandy.

White-point, a first for the garden on 30th August

Also trapped over the last week, a few decent brown jobs among the three-figure counts of Large Yellow Underwings including the first proper autumn moths: Centre-barred Sallow and Feathered Gothic
 Feathered Gothic - fantastic antenna

Nutmeg - less than annual at Wychwood Moths 5th Sep

Small Square-spot - a small fresh second generation individual