Monday, 26 March 2012

First newbie of 2012

2011 was my first spring so until the 2nd anniversary of garden mothing at the start of June, I am hopeful of a couple of new editions. This smart looking species was one I was hoping for as there are a few pines around both in nearby Wardown Park and probably more significantly as odd specimens across the large gardens of the local suburbs.

Pine Beauty - in classic resting pose. New for garden 24th March

Pine Beauty showing the bright orange and white wing pattern more extensively

Shoulder strip - new for year 24th March, I had a handful of these last spring. Nice to see the daintier moths beginning to appear.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mid-March deja vu

A steady catch of the normal Common and Small Quakers, Hebrew Characters and Clouded Drabs has been enlivened this week with the first Early Grey of the year and single Twin-spot Quaker and a couple of Oak Beautys. Very much like the same week last year then...

Twin-spotted Quaker, 21st March 2012 (just one in 2011 - on the 22nd March ! )

Oak Beauty - different individuals trapped on 12th and 14th March (just one last year on the 12th March ! )

Saturday, 10 March 2012

And they're off...

After a quiet February despite some warm nights when I just got a couple of Chestnuts, the mothing year has finally kicked off in the last few days with the usual suspects for the season and an early Angle Shades.
The starting line - 2012

March Moth - in March, this one from evening of the 9th

Hebrew Character - I expect to reach three figures total count for these by this time next month

Angle Shades - an early record trapped on March 2nd

Dark Chestnut - a slightly battered one